Standard Service and Support Plans

Find Lanka Global services offer a number of Advanced Services that allow you to customize your support and integration plan to achieve just the right amount of coverage


Our Service plans are designed to keep your data safe, protecting it even before issues arise


With growing volumes of information, increased security restrictions, and the huge impact that inaccessible or lost data can have on your resources, it's important to have a comprehensive solution in place to manage it all.

Find Lanka offers plans designed to fit your unique needs in 24/7 online and multilingual phone support, and proactive monitoring. You'll also get access to online self-service, which allows you to log and track your service calls in real time.

Some Our services


ICT Technicians

Support the design, development, installation, opertion, testing and problem solving of the hardware and software.


Architectural Designers

The building technologist, provides technical building design services and solutions.



The trademan specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment.



A complex arrangement of rigid steel piping and stop valves regulate flow to various parts of the building.

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Cost-Effective Essential Support

Delivers support essentials during business hours, including access to skilled technical support, next business day delivery of replacement parts, and installation of non-customer replaceable components to ensure trouble-free problem resolution.

Mission-Critical Premium Support

This support plan provides mission-critical support for fastest resolution, including 24x7 technical assistance, proactive remote monitoring and resolution, priority onsite critical issue response, 24x7 delivery and installation of all replacement parts.